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Funding and Partnerships Provided by Clark Street Associates Helps Firms Find Solid Footing

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The industries that will shape our future are still being formed. The companies spearheading these efforts haven’t yet had the opportunity to solidify their presence. Thus, the firms that need a form of assistance to get their ideas off the ground are increasingly turning to Clark Street Associates. This advisory firm that was founded in 2009 has offices in California’s Silicon Valley, known for its clear sky and technological innovations and in Washington, D.C’s waterfront. As such, they are clearly embedded in the hotbeds of productivity in the U.S. Clark Street Associates works diligently to provide clients with access to federal and state funds that will help get their products developed. Non-dilutive forms of funding are perfect for companies that want to remain entirely independent while still tapping into grant and contract opportunities.

The areas of growth that Clark Street Associates typically works within include artificial intelligence, advanced manufacturing, space and sky aeronautics, water and solar energy systems, semiconductors and more. While fledgling forms of AI and space travel continue to grab headlines, fully-developed final products are far off on the horizon. Clark Street Associates seeks to bridge that gap. The aforementioned non-dilutive funding is one example of commercial business assistance. Rather than compete for a finite amount of financial support from a pre-established source, clients will benefit from an entirely custom approach. This includes working with federal and state government agencies in order to craft contracts that are suited to specific products/technology. Additional services that support up-and-coming developers of tech products include site selection and strategic partnerships. In short, site selection assistance focuses on providing companies based both inside and out of the U.S. a state-side manufacturing site as well as incentive packages. The strategic partnerships made possible through working with Clark Street Associates are all part of the company’s vertically-integrated offerings. Clients can realize their complicated and multi-faceted plans with help from a network of companies that can provide valuable assistance.

A final form of assistance that can keep efforts on-track includes program management. Through this offering, Clark Street Associates remains at the forefront of funding efforts and continues to manage all work related to funding water and solar energy systems, AI technology, as well as air (sky) and space aeronautics. This can include reporting, accounting and certain regulatory practices – all of which are time-consuming and would pull your valuable team members away from work to manage clerical tasks. One of the benefits of working with us is being able to keep your team on task and developing those AI, energy and space-related ventures.

With $1.6 billion in secured funding, Clark Street Associates continues to provide customized solutions to clients in fields that will shape our future. We encourage visitors to check back often for additional insight into support services that drive growth.