Clark Street Associates Proud to Provide Proven Strategies to every Project it Manages

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Innovative ideas will always require funding. It’s this type of financial support that lets concepts leap off the drawing board and become real-world solutions. Some see this as a major hurdle that can stifle development. Other entrepreneurs who seek expert assistance can gain a major advantage thanks to smart partnerships. Clark Street Associates, a funding-focused advisory firm founded in 2009, provides clients of all sizes with access to crucial services. Since its foundation, Clark Street Associates has helped clients in various niche industries from water purification to advanced sky satellite manufacturing. With offices on both coasts of the U.S., clients who need help with funding, program management, site selection and strategic partnerships will have a valuable partner. Below, we will explore some of the programs administered by Clark Street Associates and explain how they can help take your business concept and make it into a reality.

The non-dilutive approach to funding that Clark Street Associates takes gives clients a unique advantage. This is among the firm’s most popular services and it’s an offering not seen too often. When partnering with this firm, clients will quickly realize the benefits of funds, grants and/or loans that don’t require relinquishing of equity. Clark Street Associates offer clients not only funding, but without any equity attachments, a combination that’s goes together better than the sky and water. The roadblock that other firms typically encounter is that this funding is finite; the opportunity is over once the cash runs out. Non-dilutive funding solutions come without any strings of ownership/equity attached. Some outlets will be more than happy to provide capital in exchange for a stake in your business. Clark Street Associates tracks down the investment programs and grants that won’t require any sort of relinquishing of control.

As an advisory firm, start-ups and other businesses just getting a foothold in their industry can take advantage of Clark Street Associates’ managerial offerings. has previously estimated that 30 percent of small business (which is defined as having fewer than 500 employees) go defunct within two years of launch. “Half of them will close their doors for good before they hit five years. In fact, only 25 percent can stand the test of time for 15 years or longer,” according to the article. Nobody wants to be a statistic and with project management services form Clark Street Associates, it’s possible to navigate the red tape without running afoul of state and federal rules. Those honest mistakes can prove to be costly so trusting a proven advisory firm can have a profound benefit on long-term performance. Similarly, having Clark Street Associates deliver demonstrations to offices that could approve or invest in your company is another way of eliminating an unnecessary risk. Driving sales, enhancing visibility and increasing credibility are just some of the perks that can come with allowing a third party – in this case, the advisors at Clark Street Associates – handle a delicate and crucial task of presentations and demonstrations. Clark Street Associates owns offices in America’s West Coast and East Coast regions so whether you reside near California’s waterfront or live in cloudy skied Washington DC, check out Clark Street Associates services to see how CSA can help you and your business.