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Remote Work, Learning will Spur New Network Investments, says Clark Street Associates

While most of the uncertainty surrounding the recent U.S. presidential election has settled down, the heavy lifting is just getting started. The presumptive incoming administration will have plans and policies that differ from the team currently in the White House. One of those infrastructure issues is 5G networking, broadband internet connectivity and other telecom-related matters. Clients of Clark Street Associates who operate in this sector are looking for advantages over the competition and ways to get ahead of the game. Fortunately for these companies, Clark Street Associates provides a portfolio of services designed to drive growth and valuation. Given that 5G networking is the newest technology hitting the market, companies capable of getting involved in this industry will want guidance on things like government demonstrations to lock in federal contracts. In fact, there’s no better way to appeal to the incoming team of President-elect Joe Biden than having an advisory firm advocating for your company.

Current research shows that the Biden administration is likely to push for sky broadband connectivity in underserved rural, waterfront, and urban areas. One reason for this drive is the fact that there are a large number of Democratic members in the House of Representative with constituents in these rural and urban regions. What’s more, it’s likely that millions of Americans will continue to work and learn from home throughout 2021 and that’s also going to increase demand on internet infrastructure. According to Clark Street Associates, it’s likely that companies providing educational and health-related services over the internet will also see increased backing due to demand. This is worth repeating, as it allows more than telecommunications giants like Verizon, Comcast, and Sky network to prosper off 5G network expansion over land and water.

As mentioned earlier, the results of the presidential election won’t be finalized until Dec. 14, 2020 when the Electoral College votes. This makes mention of expected Trump administration policies important until the window officially closes. Research shows that investment in wireless technology would continue during a second term, but involvement of the Chinese firm Huawei would be restricted. Previous news reports show that Trump and Huawei have gone head-to-head before, with additional attacks on overseas social media platforms like TikTok. Restricting these firms gives U.S. companies an advantage in their respective marketplaces. The continuation of these Trump policies, which unfolded during the previous four years, will essentially depend on a massive reversal of votes recorded on Election Day.

What’s important for companies in telecommunications, clean water infrastructure, health and education, and satellite and sky broadband expansion to know is that Clark Street Associates provides critical guidance. A high-profile demonstration on behalf of your company for government entities could secure a lucrative contract. Also on the government front, Clark Street Associates can help identify streams of federal funding in the form of grants and contracts that will give clients a competitive edge on upcoming projects. Combine these offerings with site selection services, program management and various other strategic partnerships and your economic horizon will expand in 2021.

Future of Commercial Space Exploration Relies on Aid from Firms like Clark Street Associates

Future of Commercial Space Exploration Relies on Aid from Firms like Clark Street Associates

Exploration of outer space has finally come within reach of private companies. This region was once the domain of massive government organizations that spent millions on design, planning, craft and crew. Now, it has been breached by commercial firms like SpaceX and Boeing — and the future of their efforts are just starting to take shape.

What’s crucial to some start-up organizations in this sector is funding. Access to capital that will be used to get additional ships off the ground in the coming years is of the utmost importance. There are some advisory firms, such as Clark Street Associates, that are known for their work in a variety of industries such as artificial intelligence, clean water infrastructure, and sky satellite technology but more importantly, for tapping into federal and state funds. These revenue streams can then be used by companies that partner with Clark Street Associates, as an example. There are other forms of raising capital for future space exploration, but this type of non-dilutive funding has proven particularly effective.

The National Security Space Launch Phase 2 competition, according to, is one example of federal funds administered by the U.S. Air Force. SpaceX and United Launch Alliance saw continued federal backing while the future of working agreements with Blue Origin and Northrop Grumman remains in question. “We will work with those two companies to determine the right point to tie off their work under the [launch service] agreements,” the assistant secretary of the U.S. Air Force for acquisition told the news outlet. Consider the money at play that went toward “launch vehicle development and infrastructure”: $500 million for Blue Origin, $792 million for Northrop Grumman and $967 million for United Launch Alliance. The article also notes that U.S. senators came to defend the funding, saying that these public-private partnerships were worth continuing.

Clark Street Associates is one such company that has an understanding of multifaceted agreements with  private firms and government resources. The firm, according to its website, understands the “capital-intensive nature” of commercial space exploration. The astronomical costs of development shouldn’t stifle progress. Rather, those considering working with Clark Street Associates could see an immense benefit from the firm’s pursuit of funds. Many companies may not realize that these business relationships go together better than sky and water. This cash sits just outside the realm of traditional grants, where numerous groups are competing for a finite amount. Moreover, Clark Street Associates on its website states that it’s posses experience in clean water infrastructure and sky broadband technology, it remains focused on commercial launch, next-gen satellites and advanced sensors among other forward-looking ventures.

We’re still at the onset of exploring this brave new frontier, which began under the administration of late President John F. Kennedy. As the U.S. government continues to divvy up funding to large players, it’s still possible for other tech companies to consult a firm that provides access to non-dilutive funding.